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A.S Cool Roof Tile | Helpful Tips

A.S Cool Roof Tiles Industry was established in the year 2010 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Since then, the business has established a solid reputation as a top manufacturer and supplier of cool roof tiles. White Roof Tiles and Cool Roof Tiles are included in our product line. In terms of quality and effectiveness, our items are excellent. Our experts rigorously inspect the raw materials on a number of different factors after purchasing them from trustworthy sellers.

Best Terrace Cooling Tiles in Chennai

A.S Cool roof tiles are the perfect choice for terrace cooling tiles. They not only protect your home in all weather conditions but also help keep it cool during hot summer days. AS Cool roof tiles reflect the sun's heat, providing natural cooling for your home.

When is the best time to lay A.S Cool Roof Tile?

  • After the rooms have been painted
  • After the terrace's wiring is complete
  • Upon completion of the plumbing work
  • After the civil construction in the terrace is complete

laying tips

How to properly lay A.S Cool Roof Tile

  • Concrete chips of 6 to 12 mm must be used to level a slope.
  • Verify the concrete's proper curing.
  • In the ratio of 1:6 screed cement mortar
  • When laying the tiles over the mortar, it is best to keep the hand mixture in place to prevent an uneven surface.
  • The thickness of cement mortar cannot exceed 25mm.
  • When laying, avoid using a steel hammer.
  • After laying, allow the area to dry for 48 hours before leaving.
  • Use a 6 to 8 mm spacer between the tiles.
  • Any grouting compound should be used to fill the joints in a 1:1 ratio with white cement and marble sand or quartz.
  • Spreading water over the tiled area is required to cure it for three to four days.