Water Resistant Cool Roof Tiles in Chennai

Water Resistant Cool Roof Tiles in Chennai, A.S Cool Roof Tile is created using cutting-edge technology that blends environmentally friendly, natural materials that have passed testing and ISO 9001 2019 certification. In our own top-notch production plant in Chennai, we produce them while complying to strict guidelines established by regulatory bodies.

ASCoolRoofTile set out to become one of Chennai's top producers of roof cool tiles. For both home and commercial application, we specialize in producing terrace cooling tiles of the highest caliber. When you choose ASCoolRoofTile, you are selecting a dependable partner who brings a superior product that was made to demanding standards to the table.

  • There are two variants available in this product category: a Silver Plus and a Gold Plus.
  • The appearance of both variants' front sides of cool roof tiles is white.
  • Both cool roof tile variants are 245MM x 254MM x 15MM in size.
  • The Silver-Plus cool roof tile has a half-white body and a 15-mm thickness, with 8-mm of white cement and limestone and 7mm of black concrete with baby chips.
  • The Gold-Plus cool roof tile has a full-white body and a 15-mm thickness, with 15-mm of white cement, limestone, and baby chips.
  • A.S Cool roof tile is made of non-ceramic heat-reflective material.
  • The average water absorption of A.S Cool roof tiles is 8 percent.
  • The maximum weight of the A.S Cool roof tiles per tile is 2 kg.
  • A.S Cool roof tile is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

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